How to make money online in the UK today: 18 genuine ways

Bloggers can make serious money – though it does take time and dedication to get to that point. As for finding work, advertising locally in the free press or on Facebook groups for your area can work wonders. Many people, based all over the world, now work from home as a virtual assistant (VA). So what are the actual jobs where you can work from home, here in the UK?

If you’re serious about baking cakes for profit, make sure you find out the latest government advice about starting a home based food business. Once you’re ready to start charging, you can advertise your services via the same channels. The best way to get started is by making cakes in your spare time for friends and family. You can then photograph and showcase these via a Facebook page and Instagram feed. Getting work is simply a matter of offering your services on local Facebook pages, via Gumtree or by relying on word-of-mouth.

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Businesses are looking to bring their brand to life across their digital marketing channels and often this requires the skills of a graphic designer – or, specifically, a marketing content designer. In this role, you will help them to create infographics, social media posts, logos, icons, etc. Modern technology has developed to such a degree that it’s extremely easy to turn anywhere into a workspace. Job roles have evolved with the digital age, with many only requiring a computer, bank account, and internet access to fulfil daily tasks.

You can also command higher rates once you have established a client base and portfolio of previous work. Again blogger Facebook groups can be great, as busy professionals look there to find good content creators. For those who can write decent copy, this is a genuine work opportunity that is both satisfying and financially rewarding.

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This comes with start-up costs that you will need to consider to be able to get your business up and running. Transcriptionists convert the spoken word into electronic text quickly and precisely. Speed and accuracy is essential for this job, alongside a computer, word processing software, headphones, internet access and basic computer skills. In the earliest days of online promotion, a blog could feature content targeted to a specific topic and make a decent amount of cash simply by plugging in Google ads.

  • A typical payment is between 4p – 15p, and you can cash out immediately as there are no minimum withdrawal limits.
  • You will generally answer inbound calls as and when they come and record notes from the phone call.
  • From the start, make sure you keep full, accurate and clear records of all your income and expenses, as you will need these to complete your tax return every year.
  • Having a blog is also the best way for new and potential clients to find you.
  • While you may like ironing, there are loads of people who don’t or haven’t got the time to do it themselves.
  • If you’re happy to be flexible, you can often get discounted tickets on the day.

All you’ll need is an iron and ironing board – and ideally a clean and smoke-free home. Investing in some sets of hangers is a good idea, so you can return the laundry ready to go in your client’s wardrobe. This kind of work is fairly easy to find via the usual UK job sites, and no prior experience is really necessary.

Customer Service Jobs

If you have an understanding of the inner workings of a PCs, tablets (or even mobile phones!) and have strong communication skills, this could be the job for you, even leading to fulltime income. You’ll need a good internet connection, phone line, website, printer and knowledge of the world. Another creative way to make money online in 2024 is by making, and selling an original non-fungible token (NFT). Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where companies compensate individuals for promoting links to certain goods or services. Affiliate marketers receive a percentage of the sales or tragic generated through their efforts, so the bigger audience you already have, the bigger your earning potential.

  • Some level of IT competency is also required, although most systems are fairly easy to learn.
  • I’ve found that payments are relatively low, but you aren’t giving much of your free time, and they do start to add up.
  • Technical support specialist and systems administrator positions are two great options to make money at home.
  • The key is to find a career path that aligns with your skills and interests.
  • A good cake maker can also quickly gather clients by word of mouth or local social media groups.

If you do set yourself up in business, taking out adequate insurance is also necessary. Do check that any policy is Association of British Insurers accredited. If you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine or needle and thread, then you could make money by altering or repairing other people’s clothes or soft furnishings. If you’re curious about how to make money by taking part in trials, we cover everything you need to know about product testing in this post.

Listed as one of our 10 side hustle businesses to start, it’s a great way to monetise your creative talents. Promote your services to local companies who might not have a lot of money to hire a snazzy agency. Keeping it local will also mean less money travelling for meetings, market research, and content-gathering tasks. If your background is in programming the language of computers, then these highly skilled online jobs are ones that can easily be turned into a home job. From building and testing websites and apps to developing software, all you need as a starting point is a computer and internet access. Additional equipment and software would be subject to the specific work you offer or take on.

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One that’s really easy to set up – with little or no initial outlay – is a home-based ironing service. Try signing up with platforms like Music Tutor, or offering your services via local social media pages. This article covers how to get started, lots of ideas about what to sell and more – all from the point of view of a real life, full time Etsy seller. Hundreds of UK-based roles were on offer when we checked them out, from analysts and engineers to shift and marketing manager positions. The US Small Business Administration (SBA) website is home to a variety of lending options including 7 (a) loans – its primary form of small business financial assistance, 504 loans, and microloans. The agency also provides a range of targeted small-business grants, targeted at research and learning institutions and community organizations.

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